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"EUSES has been a great experience. These 4 years have helped me get to where I am now, a physiotherapist with a job."
Jordi Castellano
- Bachelor's Degree in Physiotherapy (2012-2016)
- Lecturer at EUSES-TE, Head of private consultation
"EUSES has allowed me to make a leap personally and professionally and has opened me up to a future full of expectations, within the structure of the Barça Academy."
Jonatan Tomàs Barberà
- GBachelor's Degree in Sport Science (2012-2016)
- Postgraduate course in Municipal Sports Management (UB)
- Postgraduate course in Comprehensive care for the high performance athletes (UB)
- Head Coach Barça Academy Kuwait
“The training of EUSES has allowed me to have a very broad vision, that I have complemented with further training and that allows me to continue growing academically and professionally.”
Marc Aznar Rodríguez
- Bachelor's Degree in Sport Science (2012-2016)
- Master's Degree in Rehabilitation at EUSES- UdG
- Firefighter of the Generalitat (Basic Scale)
"Studying at EUSES-TE was an exceptional opportunity to learn in optimal conditions; the teachers taught us with great professionalism and proximity.”
Wayan Harbonn
- Bachelor's Degree in Physiotherapy (2013-2017)
"EUSES-TE and its teaching staff have helped me, having a very important role in my academic career. Thanks to that, today I enjoy my profession as a physiotherapist."
Jaume Guerra
- Bachelor's Degree in Physiotherapy (2013-2017)
- Lecturer at EUSES-TE. Head of private consultation
“My time at EUSES Terres de l'Ebre has meant having a vision of the outside world, learning the profession. I am grateful for both personal and professional treatment."
Laura Armenteros Sánchez
- Bachelor's Degree in Physiotherapy [2013-2017]
- Physiotherapist at several centres of the Catalan Figure Skating Federation.
“The training of EUSES has allowed me to obtain the necessary qualification for the world of work and realize that I still have a lot to improve professionally”.
Aleix Cuenca Amigó
- Bachelor's Degree in Sport Science (2014-2018)
- Student of the Master's Degree in Sports Rehabilitation at EUSES - UdG
- Physical trainer and sport therapist at ReQ Barcelona and ReQ Tarragona
"EUSES gives you effective resources for the world of work. Thanks to EUSES, I have already been able to help many people."
Pau Díez
- Bachelor's Degree in Physiotherapy (2013-2017)
- Personal trainer and physiotherapist
“I really appreciate the experience in EUSES Terres de l'Ebre, a center with a great teaching quality and a closeness that connects students with teachers”.
Cristina Gisbert Tomàs
- Bachelor's Degree in Sport Science (2014-2018)
- Student of the Master's Degree in Rehabilitation to physical activity and competitive sports in EUSES Salt
- Instructor of school groups and sports activities in the Delta de l'Ebre
“The training of EUSES has allowed me to find a job quickly and continue my training to develop myself personally and professionally in different fields.”
Jordi Martín Moreno
- Bachelor's Degree in Sport Science (2012-2016)
- Master's Degree in Teaching INEFC UDL
- National coach Level 3 RFEF
- Coach Junior team B CG Tarragona
- URV football coach for university competitions
- Lecturer at ERE Centro Catalònia Deportes Levels 1, 2, 3 Football
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