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Specialized training in health and sport
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"EUSES-TE and its teaching staff have helped me, having a very important role in my academic career. Thanks to that, today I enjoy my profession as a physiotherapist."
Jaume Guerra
- Bachelor's Degree in Physiotherapy (2013-2017)
- Lecturer at EUSES-TE. Head of private consultation
"EUSES has been a great experience. These 4 years have helped me get to where I am now, a physiotherapist with a job."
Jordi Castellano
- Bachelor's Degree in Physiotherapy (2012-2016)
- Lecturer at EUSES-TE, Head of private consultation
“I really appreciate the experience in EUSES Terres de l'Ebre, a center with a great teaching quality and a closeness that connects students with teachers”.
Cristina Gisbert Tomàs
- Bachelor's Degree in Sport Science (2014-2018)
- Student of the Master's Degree in Rehabilitation to physical activity and competitive sports in EUSES Salt
- Instructor of school groups and sports activities in the Delta de l'Ebre
“The training of EUSES has allowed me to have a very broad vision, that I have complemented with further training and that allows me to continue growing academically and professionally.”
Marc Aznar Rodríguez
- Bachelor's Degree in Sport Science (2012-2016)
- Master's Degree in Rehabilitation at EUSES- UdG
- Firefighter of the Generalitat (Basic Scale)
"EUSES gives you effective resources for the world of work. Thanks to EUSES, I have already been able to help many people."
Pau Díez
- Bachelor's Degree in Physiotherapy (2013-2017)
- Personal trainer and physiotherapist
"Studying at EUSES has meant discovering my passion, the physiotherapy. Thanks to the teaching staff and the great team of this university, the road has become somewhat easier."
Tània Perales
- Bachelor's Degree in Physiotherapy (2012-2016)
- Lecturer at EUSES-TE. Head of private consultation
“The training of EUSES has allowed me to find a job quickly and continue my training to develop myself personally and professionally in different fields.”
Jordi Martín Moreno
- Bachelor's Degree in Sport Science (2012-2016)
- Master's Degree in Teaching INEFC UDL
- National coach Level 3 RFEF
- Coach Junior team B CG Tarragona
- URV football coach for university competitions
- Lecturer at ERE Centro Catalònia Deportes Levels 1, 2, 3 Football
"Studying at EUSES-TE was an exceptional opportunity to learn in optimal conditions; the teachers taught us with great professionalism and proximity.”
Wayan Harbonn
- Bachelor's Degree in Physiotherapy (2013-2017)
"EUSES has allowed me to make a leap personally and professionally and has opened me up to a future full of expectations, within the structure of the Barça Academy."
Jonatan Tomàs Barberà
- GBachelor's Degree in Sport Science (2012-2016)
- Postgraduate course in Municipal Sports Management (UB)
- Postgraduate course in Comprehensive care for the high performance athletes (UB)
- Head Coach Barça Academy Kuwait
“The training of EUSES has allowed me to obtain the necessary qualification for the world of work and realize that I still have a lot to improve professionally”.
Aleix Cuenca Amigó
- Bachelor's Degree in Sport Science (2014-2018)
- Student of the Master's Degree in Sports Rehabilitation at EUSES - UdG
- Physical trainer and sport therapist at ReQ Barcelona and ReQ Tarragona
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Euses Alumni
12 September 2022
The 2022/2023 university academic year begins at the Campus of Salt, Bellvitge and Terres de l’Ebre
The 2022/2023 university academic year has started today at the three campus of the Escola Universitària de la Salut i l'Esport, located in Salt, Bellvitge and...
18 July 2022
Registration period open for university degrees at the Salt, Bellvitge and Terres de l’Ebre campuses
The enrolment period for the 2022/23 academic year at the Salt, Bellvitge and Terres de l'Ebre campus opened this Friday. In all  campus of the Escola...
28 April 2022
EUSES Alumni consolidates the Talent Day in a 2nd edition with a resounding success of participation
All the objectives set by EUSES Alumni in relation to the Talent Day were more than achieved in a second edition that doubled the performance of...
15 December 2021
10 years of EUSES Alumni: Interview with director and founder, Sílvia Roche
EUSES Alumni was born 10 years ago on the day of a conference attended by two elite cyclists, Michael Barry (then a member of Team Sky)...
02 May 2021
EUSES Alumni Talent Day ends with objectives met and a successful participation rate
EUSES´s 1st Virtual Job Fair and Career Orientation day was held on Tuesday the 27th and ended with a great success regarding participation and having met...
19 April 2021
Countdown for the celebration of the first edition of the EUSES Talent Day, on Tuesday the 27th of April
Designed and organised by the EUSES Alumni team, the first edition of the EUSES Talent Day, Escola Universitària de la Salut i l'Esport's First Virtual Job Fair...
14 April 2021
A research paper by the lecturer Andrea Fuente on the determining factors for choosing a degree in Physiotherapy has been published
Physiotherapy lecturer Andrea Fuente, who teaches the subjects Fundamentals of Physiotherapy (1st), Assessment in Physiotherapy (1st), Basic Health Care (2nd), Kinesitherapy (2nd) and Final Degree Project...
02 November 2020
Success of the “online” capsule given by Ester Morillas and Laura Sabaté on the prevention of bullying through sport
An online session on the "Prevention of Bullying through Sport", held this Tuesday at EUSES by the Barça Foundation, was closely followed by some 120 participants...


  • Lecturers trained by outstanding experts in the professional world
  • Individualized assistance and follow-up of the student
  • Small class groups
  • Prevalence of practical lessons
  • Learning based on values and competences
  • Methodology based on learning by doing
  • Relationship with important research groups in the field of health and sports
  • Internationalization of all the Bachelor’s Degrees
  • Modern and spacious facilities
  • Updated ALUMNI network with many job offers

The occupancy rate of our graduates is 98.2% *. More than 80% of our graduates find a work in less than 3 months *

* Information resulting from the last AQU triennial survey (2014), related to the Bachelor’s Degree in Physiotherapy.
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