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Gerard Monguió Figuerola

Gerard Monguió Figuerola

Lecturer at EUSES, affiliated centre to the URV. Bachelor’s Degree in Sport Science (INEFC Lleida 2001) and Master’s Degree in Business Administration and Management – MBA (EUNCET – UPC 2006). He was born in Tarragona in 1978.

His professional career begins with his collaboration in different public administrations just after finishing his university education and then, with the foundation and management of the sports equipment management company Grup Serviesport. With his work, he helps the development and the consolidation of the company, becoming, in recent years, a leader in the sector in Tarragona.

He is currently Head of Operations and Services of the Tarragona 2017 Mediterranean Games, being the responsible of volunteering, transport, accommodation, medical services, security services…

In addition, he is a collaborator of the Master’s Degree in Sports Management of IDEC and trainer in different courses of business and sports management, as well as management and personal skills.

gerard.monguio@euseste.es Academic offer: Bachelor's Degree in Sport Sciences
Subjects: Sport facilities (3rd)
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