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Diego Chaverri Jove

Diego Chaverri Jove

Lecturer at EUSES, affiliated centre to the URV. Bachelor’s Degree in Sport Science (University of Vic, 2010). Master’s Degree in Teaching in Secondary Schools and Vocational Training. Physical Education (University of Vic, 2011). Master’s Degree in Sports Performance: Technification and High Level (RETAN) (INEFC – Barcelona, 2013). PhD in Physical Activity, Physical Education and Sports from the University of Barcelona in 2016.

Professional experience:

Lecturer of different subjects in the Bachelor’s Degree in Sports Science of the INEFC Barcelona Performance Department, UB. Lecturer of different subjects in the Master’s Degree in Sports Performance: Technification and High Level (RETAN) of INEFC – Barcelona, UB. Management of Internships and Final projects at INEFC Barcelona, UB. Lecturer of subjects such as Training Theory I and Individual Sports: Athletics of the Tecnocampus Mataró, Pompeu Fabra University.

Research experience:

Member of the Research Group in Sports Sciences of INEFC Barcelona (SGR2009-1054 and SGR2014-1665). Participation in different international competitive research projects. Participation in several national and international conferences. Scientific collaborator (peer-reviewer) of different indexed scientific publications (SCI). Publication of different articles in indexed international journals:

  • Chaverri, D., Schuller, T., Iglesias, X., Hoffmann, U., &Rodriguez, F. A. (2015). A New Model for Estimating Peak VO2 Based on Post-Exercise Measurements in Swimming. Int J SportsPhysiol Perform. doi: 10.1123/ijspp.2015-0227. (1er cuartil).
  • Chaverri, D., Iglesias, X., Schuller, T., Hoffmann, U., Rodríguez, F. A. (2016). Estimating peakoxy genuptake based on postexercise measurements in swimming. Applied Physiology, Nutrition, and Metabolism. [DOI: 10.1139/apnm-2015-0524]. (1er cuartil).
  • Rodríguez, F. A., Iglesias, X., Feriche, B., Calderón-Soto, C., Chaverri, D., Wachsmuth, N. B.,… &Levine, B. D. (2015). Altitude Training in Elite Swimmers for Sea Level Performance (Altitude Project). Med Sci Sports Exerc, 47(9), 1965-1978. (1er cuartil).
  • Barrero, A., Chaverri, D., Erola, P., Iglesias, X., & Rodríguez, F. A. (2014). Intensity Profile during an Ultra-endurance Triathlon in Relation to Testing and Performance. International Journal of Sports Medicine, 35(14), 1170-1178. (1er cuartil).
  • Rodríguez-Zamora, L., Iglesias, X., Barrero, A., Chaverri, D., Erola, P., & Rodríguez, F. A. (2012). Physiological Responses in Relation to Performance during Competition in Elite Synchronized Swimmers. PloSone, 7(11), e49098. (1er cuartil).

diego.chaverri@euseste.es Academic offer: Bachelor's Degree in Sport Sciences
Subjects: Training theory I (2nd)
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